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Yay Stuff

Today I focused on two things. 1. Getting my daughter’s Christmas gift, her NOOK color, put together, and 2. Working on the Carroll County VA farm experience website. Wow. Dad–you and Beverly picked a fantastic gift for Lacy. She loves to read. She loves to watch Netflix. She can do both with her new NOOK color. Now I can keep my laptop at work. Lacy can have her own device to manage her own stuff. She loves being in charge. Now…how do I get my own NOOK? It  really is fabulous.

Today Carroll County was my main focus, with their site, I added some cool functions for this site. This is only the second site I have created with a different front page…one that is focusing on different aspects of the site, magazine style. And the second design idea I am loving on this site is the use of what is called a Fat Footer. It puts all the links and social links in the bottom of the website. Kind of like a site map, although sitemap pages are a bit outdated these days.  I will be adding in a definitive directory and maps to all the agricultural-tourism spots in Carroll County..awesome…which reminds me…I need to get started later this week finishing up the Galax Walking Tour website! If anyone who has a business downtown wants to advertise in it, cheap cheap, let me know!