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Website Designer On the Prowl…..Rowr!

I made a conscious decision to give up my shop with “official hours” several years ago. Working as a freelance website designer, I found I have the freedom to visit my clients at their office in Galax, Virginia, or the surrounding towns and counties. Being able to go into my clients’ Southwest Virginia businesses helps me understand what they do better and helps me envision what type of design or needs they have for their website in a way sitting in an office and having my clients come to me just doesn’t do! I usually like to have an initial meeting when we start the web design process. If your office is near Hillsville, VA, we can meet there or at the Mile High Burger place in downtown Hillsville.

If you are located in Galax, Virginia, we can meet at your business or have a sit down at Chestnut Creek Coffee House. If I’m not working on my website design projects at my new studio on Jefferson St in Downtown Galax, then you will usually find me at Chestnut Creek if I’m not in a meeting somewhere! Having this flexibility allows me so many freedoms in providing great service to my customers! It’s easy to get out for photo shoots, website training meetings and more!

Call me at 276-233-3864 if you would like to meet me at your Galax, or Hillsville VA business, or at either Chestnut Creek Coffee House in downtown Galax, or the new Mile High Burger in downtown Hillsville!