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The Website Designer

My name is Mitoné! I have been a graphics designer since 1999! I have specialized in design for the tourism industry since moving back home to southwest Virginia in 2002. I have created large format brochures, catalogs, magazines, as well as brochures, business cards, rack cards and other advertising. I love designing and I love all my customers! Many have become friends as well as clients. I would love to take you on as a new client!

Not only can I create print ads and printed media for your business, I can create websites too. I specialize in WordPress based website design. It is an awesome content management system that all my clients find quite easy to manage themselves! I can teach you how! Hosting is not a problem either! I have plenty of options. If you would like to manage your own hosting and domain account, I recommend trying a VPS Trial and test out the hosting (learn about it first on the Georgia Tech website) or I can register your domain and manage your hosting for you. (I still don’t recommend GoDaddy! for hosting (no offense to this company, but I have heard amongst the big web geeks that they feel it’s just not as reliable), but if you already have it set up, I will still work with you! I’m flexible and easy to get along with like that.

I graduated from Radford University in 1996 with a BA in English of all things. I have one seven year old daughter who is my constant companion and bestest little buddy around whom my world turns. She’s off to Florida for the summer, visiting her dad. That works okay since most of my clientele are tourism-based business, who need me most in the summer months!

I love writing about my personal life and outlook mixed in with business-y things. So just know when you hire me, you really learn all about me and we get to know each other. I am not just a girl on a computer in cyberspace. Although I did dream of being Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager when I was in my late 20′s. “Explain.” She would say so seriously. I never could be her though. I’m just not able to go that long without cracking a smile!

So bring it on–I can’t wait to meet you and design your marketing material. Give me a call today at 276-233-3864 after looking at my portfolio–or go ahead and add a product to your shopping cart while you’re browsing said portfolio. I have been happily tweaking on my own site over the last decade (lol) and am happy to report I have discovered so many treasures in this WordPress website platform. Easy eCommerce integration, easy Facebook and Twitter integration…easy SEO and the list goes on! I feel confident I can create a first class website for you and website design is where my heart really is right now. And my WordPress sites start at only $700 for businesses or $600 for nonprofits with no monthly hosting fees! And that is for a pretty extensive website!

Lots of love,