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Monthly Archives: March 2011

I have LOWERED my prices on Brochures!!

How cool is this? For the first time in 3 or 4 years, I have officially lowered my prices on full color brochures. I should say I have DRASTICALLY cut my prices! So, how have I been able to do this…and I know…don’t keep you in suspense…what’s the deal, right?

Well, apparently the longer I stay with my wholesale printer, and the more I order from my printer, the more they lower the price for me. I must say, I have been with this printer (whose name will remain unmentioned! LOL) for several years now, and they are truly awesome to their resellers. They only cater to designers and print houses, not anyone with a desktop design program. They have print offices all over the United States, and even though they print in bulk, they always try to catch problematic files instead of printing willy nilly. And they take phone calls and discuss things and actually have good customer service to their preferred designers (which, I might add, I fall into that category! LOL). But I digress! I have obtained a superior status with them, so I can now pass my savings on to my customers.

New Pricing!

Anyone who orders from me should know it goes without saying that all my prices include unlimited custom design work, printing and shipping to your business. My full color brochures are superior 100lb gloss book weight stock, full color both sides, tri or z fold, with aqueous coating.

Formerly 1000 quantity was 495.00!
Price: 495.00 New Price: 375.00!!

Formerly 2500 quantity was 595.00!
Price: 595.00 New Price: 475.00!!

Formerly 5000 quantity was 695.00!
Price: 695.00 New Price: 575.00!!

Formerly 10000 quantity was 995.00!
Price: 995.00 New Price: 875.00!!

Okay so what are you waiting for! You need some brochures, now is the time to get a great deal! Remember, full color both sides, with print that goes all the way to the edges (no ugly white border!!) custom graphics from an experienced professional, folded and shipped to your door. Can’t beat it! Call me 276-233-3864 to order!