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Monthly Archives: October 2010

search engine optimization meeting

I am working with Darlene Juliana who owns the Blue Ridge Manor Bed and Breakfast in Cana Virginia. We are going over some search engine strategies and she has fed me a delicious grilled cheese and roasted red pepper sammich with my favorite soup–New England Clam Chowder!

She has created many inbound links from various regional sources. Our main goal now is to get her blogging, facebooking and tweeting often.

Tune in for more later….and come to Cana and stay with Darlene at Blue Ridge Manor BnB. It’s in the country but only a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway and just a few from Mount Airy NC.

laziness? or absolute genius resourcefulness?

My dad has always said “Ne Cooke, you are so lazy.”

Gee thanks, Dad!

I tend to disagree. Sure, I don’t care much for jogging or cleaning up the house as if I were a paid maid…who really does? But I do work many many many long hours on my laptop sitting here at some desk…or some coffee shop table…or sometimes while watching TV in bed. That’s not laziness, right??

Like I said, I like to think of myself as resourceful. Like take for instance, my need to write and then mail an actual physical piece of snail mail. I have had the need to cancel some services to a certain exercise place in Galax (hush…I’m not cancelling because I was too lazy to go) for about a month now. The requirement was that I must provide my cancellation notice in writing. I could have gone down and done it in person. But (a:) I found I was too busy and only thought of it while driving on my way somewhere else, and (b:) I was so angry it had not automatically been cancelled when my one year contract was up (never went and used that contract, btw) that I feared going in person would stir my ire.

So a couple of weeks had passed and I had yet to find the time to construct a letter on MS Word. (I no longer have a printer anyway now that I have a mobile office a la laptops and coffee shops.) And although it occurred to me briefly that I could hand write a letter and head on down to the post office to buy a pre-stamped envelope, I never found myself at the post office before the front desk closed anyway.

So…on the way past that particular workout place again…I got to feeling guilty and irritated by my own inability to get a letter to those folks still. Then the thought occurred to me that there had to be some kind of service where you could go online, write a letter and have someone else mail it for you. After all, I can draft invoices online like that through my invoicing program (awesome, btw, check out FreshBooks) and I had seen people go online and send greeting cards. (I never remember holidays and birthdays so that is a service I have yet to use.)  Lo and behold, a quick search led me to SnailMailR and right on their front page, you start typing your addresses, letter and bam bam bam…it’s done. I put off for three weeks what it took 5 minutes to complete!! Yay!! They actually have an affiliate program too…so I have my fingers crossed they accept me and let me spread the word. I don’t join affiliate programs unless I really find value in the service. I am an affiliate of FreshBooks btw, so if you do sign up for an account, be sure to mention you found them through MITONE!

So, long story short…I found a cool new tool. Y’all go use it!

new website launched

Okay y’all go to One of the owners and I sat here at Chestnut Creek Coffee House all day and hammered it out! It is done! It is live! It is cool. Y’all go buy some unscented cosmetic products!!

cool things….i feel like hot stuff

Maybe it’s my third cup of strong dark coffee. Maybe it’s the head-boppin’ hip hop rap I’ve got playing on my 50 Cent station. Maybe it’s the four websites I made some headway on yesterday while my mom did me a solid and entertained my child all day. But I am feelin’ GOOD today. And it’s even cloudy outside. Usually rainy dark days send me spiraling into a quagmire of despair.

Yesterday I made some headway on a new project You can’t see it now. It has an Under Construction message on it. At first when my client asked me to put up the UC message, I wasn’t sure how I would do that without taking down the WordPress platform and deleting all the design work I had worked so hard on. But I did a search for WordPress plugins and again I was so thrilled to find answers to my needs. There were actually plugins that can display a logo, and email collection and under construction message while I continue to build the site in the background! How about that!

Next I got all the info transferred over from to the site I am building at See, Trinkle Mansion wants to continue hosting her own site. At first I didn’t know how I would build it and then transfer it all without losing all my work in the database. Lo and Behold tho, wordpress has an EXPORT SITE feature! How awesome is that? It’s like every need my customers have I am being able to answer and provide just because WordPress is that awesome! So, as soon as TM sees the work, hopefully we’ll be able to transfer everything around.

Then I updated and created her email newsletter and print brochure. This is a regular monthly gig. Made all the easier with WordPress. LOL. Added some more info to

Then I designed a better template for with some updated graphics. Should be putting that up later today. Have some more work to do on Robin reports much love for her WordPress ecommerce site.

So bottom line….I finished the HOST brochure…coming to a close on some of these recent web gigs. It’s time to place your order for a website! I am also talking with Crossroads here in Galax about hosting a WordPress training seminar….so if you need a website and have been looking for something classy and easy to manage, it’s time to call me before I get too busy again!

Have a swell day!

Oh! Almost forgot. I have a Social Networking Tip of the Day. You know you need to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But how much time do you spend posting a message at all three places? Enter It’s free. You make one post through the HootSuite platform. It posts to all of your Social Networking sites. OMG! AND!! Get this…will see if it works…I also entered my RSS feed from this blog and supposedly it will send an update to all my networks that I have made an update at this site. Now how cool is that?? And if you do want an upgraded version, it’s only $5.99 a month for the upgrade. Two hoots for HootSuite!