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Monthly Archives: May 2010

back to the grind

Back to the grind this morning after a fun weekend off exploring a new city–Charleston WV. What a unique place! Can you believe I spent two whole days without lifting a finger to design anything for anybody. What bliss. Yes, I love designing, but sometimes a break does the mind good. Today I was back in the saddle and raring to go–created a business card, ad and rack card (well edited what was already designed) for, and accomplished a few more things. My daughter came home from a long weekend with her daddy. Life is good! This week will be rough though. I have to get the brochure project a bit further along…have to complete some more brochure projects..or else my butt is toast!

website work

Working with Stevie Barr of Barrs Fiddle Shop on a website for hunting trips in Virginia called Weaver World. Its out at Major Grahams Mansion north of Hillsville VA. We’re also developing a website for the mansion for their haunted house project. Will post that web address as soon as I have it.

sittin at cf jones

Just sitting here at cf jones with my mommy waiting on my granny to get her hair done. Long day in cana va today training wolf creek farm bnb and blue ridge manor bnb how to update their wordpress websites.

presentations and seminars oh my!

Tonight I spoke to a group of artisans in a round table type discussion. I only had 15 minutes to cover social networking. Well that was about 1000 minutes too little but it went well anyway. Amazing just the little tidbits of info that can help in marketing. So here was a blog post for the day and now I’m off to facebook and tweet. Yay me!

work it girl

Getting through my workload. Teaching a bit in social networking tonight at Chestnut Creek Arts. Training Blue Ridge Manor and Wolf Creek Farm how to use wordpress Friday afternoon. Finishing up Wolf Creek Haven website with my customer tomorrow. More to come!